Our Bikes

Our Cargo Bike range

Flagship E-Cargo
Large cargo area forward suitable for one adult or 2 child (seat in Accessories) luggage, deliveries. – Max Load including rider 250kg

The only bike you will ever need. Top-of-the-range handling and powerful, yet silent, Brose S mag motor makes up for the ultimate commuting experience. Our electric motor guarantees 70 km juice of pure ride ecstasy without breaking a sweat.  Equip this bike to ride anywhere and in any condition with its wide range of accessories. Track your routes and your bike wherever it goes, even if you are not riding it (you read that thief?).  We know there are no perfect bikes, but this one sure comes close to it. 

Hagen Mini E cargo
E-Cargo Mini, small cargo area forward suitable for one small child (seat in Accesories) luggage, deliveries. – Max Load including rider 250kg. Hagen’s Mini Cargo bike provides outstanding maneuverability for out-of-this-world riding experience.  Swift turns, responsive handling even with heavy loads is why this pedalec bike is for you.  This cargo bike is equipped with a durable Brose S mag motor able to reach 70 km without breaking a sweat.

Hagen Cargo bike 
Let your legs take you to where you need to be. This cargo bike is for the ultimate purists who need to transport precious cargo and want to feel connected to their environment. Super durable, due to its aerospace-grade Chromoly, this bike will be the only one you will ever need. We built the frame in-house from start to finish, so if you need customisations give us your wish list. We will make it happen.

“For people who come from sporty bikes, like racing bikes…and now need more loading capacity”

The Temple range

The Classic
Beautiful, simple and versatile design for riding in all weather. The Classic is a joy to ride and suitable for navigating city streets or countryside trails.

Adventure Disc
A bike to take you anywhere. Traversing rough terrain, keeping pace on tarmac, or touring through hills and gravel, this bike can do it all.

Step Through
Its versatile design and all-weather features make it a perfect all-rounder, suitable navigating city streets or country lanes.

A traditional urban bike reimagined for modern living – simple, minimalist and functional design for city life.

Ultra-comfortable and minimalist E Bikes, designed for countryside adventures, commuting and leisure. Long range and high torque.

The Tenways range

Tenway ebikes
Born for the city and an agile commuter e-bike that suits every style of life. This nimble e-bike is powerful enough to weave through the crowded streets, and lightweight enough to be lifted by a single hand. 

Smooth Ride
The powered ride is silky smooth and lightweight, and if you do decide to turn the power off, enjoy the CGO600 like a regular bike.